With many countries facing lockdowns and/or imposing movement restrictions on their citizens, the question arises if a negative PCR or Antibody test could free individuals from such measures. With the start of the Covid-19 vaccination programs, these questions have become even more important. However with benefits attached to a person’s health status the likelihood of people trying to cheat the system increases. As can be seen in an article from the Washington Post.

In that context, a digital health pass showing a person’s health status seems to be a solution gaining acceptance over paper-based certificates. The problem with most solutions that are currently tested is that they store data in a proprietary solution, making data neither available for others to use nor allowing independent verification of the health status. Therefore, HIT Foundation has developed an open health certificate registry where the digital twin of a test or vaccination on the blockchain can be used even to verify it independently. The solution is currently being used by Roche Ukraine to protect their workforce.