The dHealth Network is a self-sustaining economic ecosystem involving DHP token holders, Supernode operators, and organizations that are applying use-cases. In this way, it’s similar to many decentralized blockchains, but there are important differences that make it easier for anyone to earn rewards.

An initial DHP token distribution is achieved by allocating DHP via Airdrop to the NEM community, DHP sale, and early supporters as well as team members. The DHP holders can sell and buy DHP via centralized exchanges and a decentralized Automated Market Maker (AMM).

Supernodes and their operators secure and enable the dHealth Network and its use cases in which individuals and organizations holing DHP are participating. Supernodes receive Block Rewards for creating new blocks and transaction fees and distribute it to the DHP holders that staked on the Supernode. Supernode operators can deduct a fee from the rewards and fees.

The Community Fund has an initial supply of 400 million DHP and is also fed by fees from the Block Reward. A maximum of 40 million DHP is allocated per epoch to support Use Cases that generate transactions on the dHealth Network. Decisions are made by voting from the DHP holders. More Information on DHP tokenomics…