The Nemesis Block of dHealth Network has been harvested on 2021-03-29 02:39:57 as can be seen in the dHealth Explorer.

If you own Digital Health Points (DHP) already, you can access them with a Symbol wallet. In the previous post from March 21st, it has been described how to download it.

Once you installed the wallet you have to switch to the dHealth Network. Currently, we recommend using the desktop version because it allows users to perform Delegated Harvesting for earning block rewards. If you have opened a mobile wallet already, you can always import the wallet’s mnemonic and access it through the desktop wallet. Important: Do NOT create a wallet with a Ledger device! It does not support DHP transactions!


These are the currently available Dual Nodes for accessing the network and for harvesting.

The list will be expanded during the next days and weeks.

The dHealth Explorer URL is 

If you own more than 10’000 DHP you can activate Delegated Harvesting as is shown in the video clip.


The DHP is not yet tradable or listed at exchanges. However, there are different means of getting DHP e.g. through projects or airdrops prior to the listing. If you are interested please contact us!