The dHealth Foundation, the initiator of a healthcare-dedicated blockchain, announced today that Roche has joined the dHealth Network.

Roche operates one of the Supernodes of the network. Supernodes form the backbone of the dHealth decentralized public blockchain, which is designed to support healthcare use cases such as patient registries for research, health certificates, and medication tracking.

In recent years blockchain technology has seen a dramatic increase in corporate applications, mainly in the finance sector. Healthcare is well-positioned to be the next area of adoptions. Blockchain technology can improve data flow and processes because it is not controlled by any single player, can be accessed directly by all stakeholders as a peer-to-peer network, and functions as a layer of trust. The dHealth Network enables privacy-preserving interactions among healthcare stakeholders without the need to build separate data-processing infrastructures.

The dHealth Network is open to all healthcare stakeholders such as insurance companies, healthcare providers, researchers, patients, and healthy individuals. dHealth can improve a healthcare ecosystem by offering encrypted identifiers, data access solutions, and payment settlement via digital currencies, among other solutions.

Running a Supernode on the dHealth Network enables participating companies to build scalable blockchain applications quickly and pursue their vision of a digitally-enabled ecosystem approach including secure peer-to-peer value transfers.

As more partners join and run a Supernode, the network becomes increasingly stable and decentralized. A fundamental aspect of public blockchains is the alignment of community interests while every network partner can pursue its own projects. Hence, all partners with an interest in healthcare innovation are welcome to join the dHealth Network.

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