dHealth Foundation performed an Airdrop on the Symbol Harvester community on June 1st, 2021 in appreciation of the continued support of the dHealth Network by the NEM community.

Symbol accounts that have been harvesting at least 1 block since the launch of Symbol and before block #200’000 were eligible and received 10’001 DHP (Digital Health Points).

Don’t know if you received DHP? Check your Symbol Wallet address with the dHealth Explorer.

If you have received DHP you can access them through the dHealth Wallet, which you can download from GitHub. You will need to import your mnemonic linked to the Symbol Wallet that harvested on the Symbol Mainnet.

Warning: The dHealth Wallet currently does not support Ledger. If you used a Ledger on Symbol Mainnet, you will have to export your private key and import it into the Symbol Mainnet. You can check out Ledger’s instructions here.

Another way of getting to your DHP is through your existing Symbol Desktop Wallet by switching to the dHealth Network in the Network Settings (see Blogpost from March 30th).

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