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Since the May newsletter came out, the dHealth Network’s rapid growth exceeded our expectations. The main reason was the official announcement of the dHealth Foundation’s cooperation with Roche. The world’s largest pharma company running a Supernode of a public blockchain network generated tremendous interest. An Airdrop of the network’s native currency, the Digital Health Point (DHP), on the Symbol/NEM community added to the recent growth.

Blockchain Infrastructure
On block height 228103, the network had 9’742 active accounts and ran on 34 Nodes that accommodated more than 1’000 harvesters. On our proof-of-stake blockchain, harvesters actively stake their DHP to earn additional tokens in the form of staking rewards. 

Running a blockchain network with zero downtime and adding a block every 30 seconds would not be possible without a highly skilled team. Therefore, we are excited to announce that our team has been joined by Grégory Saive, the former Head of Development at the NEM Foundation. He contributes his profound knowledge as the dHealth Foundation’s Blockchain Lead. 

Next Steps
Migrating our existing blockchain projects on the dHealth Network is in its final stage. This will add to the traffic and transactions on the network. Releasing more DHP via launchpads and decentralized exchanges is the foundation’s highest priority in the upcoming weeks. As a consequence, the DHP will receive a market price and will be officially tradable. 

Communication Channels
The dHealth Foundation has reorganized its communication channels where you can contact us. To stay tuned on the recent developments you can receive frequent updates on: 

Get in touch if you want to participate in this unique healthcare ecosystem.

On behalf of dHealth Foundation,
Eberhard Scheuer PhD, President of the Board of Directors