In Milano, at this year’s congress of the European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT), a partnership to build the first AI and blockchain-powered solid organ exchange was announced by Professor Alexandre Loupy, MD Ph.D. The partners include the Paris Transplant Group, the OrganX Foundation, and the dHealth Foundation. As stated by the OrganX Foundation: “The exchange is operated on a nonprofit basis and aligns the incentives of all stakeholders along the transplantation continuum by making its processes more effective, efficient, transparent, secured and trustworthy – Creating a fully virtualized and tokenized transplant ecosystem with trust at its core.”

Ultimately, it is the goal of the partnership to optimize the matching between donor organs and the potential recipients, hence, improving the survival time of implants and patients.

“The dHealth Foundation is proud to be part of this partnership. Many years people were just talking about applying blockchain technology in the context of organ transplant allocation, but finally we are going to make it happen.” says the foundation’s president Dr. Eberhard Scheuer, who himself has worked as a psychologist in the transplant team at the University Hospital in Zurich in the past.

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