Not even five weeks have passed since the dHealth IDO, and the dHealth team has already launched a super-rewarding Health2Earn showcase!

This is certainly welcomed news in the crypto community. Hopefully, other projects will aim to deploy fully functional technology that delivers on promises—so soon after the IDO of their tokens.

Their reward program is a demonstrative one, which means the rewards for the healthy behavior of users are funded by dHealth Foundation itself. However, users can expect Health2Earn reward programs from institutions and organizations other than dHealth—in the near future!

Some readers might not exactly understand what the Health-to-Earn model is, so before diving deep into what revolutionary changes this technology demo brings to the Crypto space and the world, let’s first delve into what precisely the Health2Earn model represents.



Health2Earn is a concept wherein an individual can earn for providing his health data or even just by simply performing ‘healthy tasks’ such as going for a walk or a jog. However, it can go far beyond that—individuals can be rewarded for getting regular checkups or quitting bad habits such as smoking. This is immensely important as a recently conducted megastudy that was published in Nature revealed that small incentives are the most successful way to change health behavior.

The possibility to earn while performing healthy tasks is welcome in a world plagued by unhealthy lifestyles that cause severe issues to individuals, and unnecessarily burden the healthcare system. However, there is far more to this concept than meets the eye. It can facilitate a new era in healthcare research—which will benefit absolutely every healthcare provider and those who need healthcare services or want to stay healthy.

The current healthcare system operates in a way that middlemen and corporations silo healthcare research data and put a hefty price tag on the research information that can become a foundation for certain treatments and healthcare services. Immense regulatory issues are also present, as well as other incompatibilities between different research data providers.

All these issues are solved by dHealth’s blockchain solution, which also provides regular individuals with the ability to earn for their health data provision—even when they are healthy!

To jumpstart the healthcare revolution, dHealth has already deployed multiple projects that achieve the aforementioned which readers can find out more about via this article. dHealth has likewise deployed a Health2Earn reward program very recently, which can be used and tested by anyone and everyone.


Technology Demo

The showcase allows anyone with a mobile device or a smartwatch with an internet connection—to earn dHealth tokens(DHP), which are at the center of the healthcare revolution materializing right before our eyes.

The tokens can be earned for one activity per day, and that action can range from walking or running—to paddling, weight training, and yoga! The program is even disabled-friendly as the exercise activity selection menu also has the wheelchair option!

One person can only submit one activity per day to gain rewards. This is ensured by the Strava app identification capability and internal anti-cheat systems, such as disabling counting the walking or running distance measurement—while driving.

As mentioned above, the reward program uses a third-party application called Strava, and it is necessary to make an account on that platform —to gain rewards. It is also required to link one’s dHealth wallet to the Strava application. Luckily dHealth published an in-depth tutorial that explains every step in very simple terms. To start earning, simply record a healthy activity with Strava that is longer than 30 minutes—and shortly afterward, you will receive your DHP reward!

dHealth has not announced a cap on the number of participating users, a specific time period, or a cap on total DHP an individual can earn—so it’s definitely worth trying out as soon as possible. Both your health and your crypto wallet will benefit from taking part in the program!

The dHealth team hopes to achieve great results with this showcase, as health is something we can all get behind—and hence it is of utmost importance we all do our part in supporting this incredibly useful and beneficial new concept.



dHealth has so far rolled out three active Health2Earn reward programs, whilst the aforementioned showcase is the only reward program available for the everyday user that is not a patient with specific ailments. Hence, this is a great and convenient opportunity for everyone to try out the technology by simply following dHealth’s tutorial.

However, it is important to note that dHealth has rolled out more than these three programs. Currently, one of the projects is halted because of the COVID19 pandemic, and two are simply utilization of the dHealth advanced blockchain technology—as a better solution for transplant organ allocation and health certificate tracking.

Should readers want to know more about these programs—it would be helpful to be aware of this Article.

It is exciting to think what will come next from the dHealth ecosystem, considering this is just demoing the technology and hence a beginning of a mind-boggling concept that will over time become normalized, and we won’t be able to imagine our lives without it.