We’re kicking off this January with an extremely important announcement regarding the materialization of our ecosystem!

While setting up the Indian dHealth Innovation Hub, we recruited four computer science students as full-time interns from our cooperation with MIT Art Design and Technology University (MIT ADT University) in Pune, India. The recruitment of the interns was based on their interest in healthcare blockchains as well as the recommendation of their professors.

Meanwhile, Ruike Wang—a graduate student from our research partner University of Zurich Blockchain Center (ranked #4 in the world) submitted her master thesis “A Price Model of a Blockchain Health Token” based on the questionnaires answered by the dHealth community.
There will be much more developments in India & announcements regarding the Indian dHealth Innovation Hub, and we are eagerly awaiting more information to share with our loyal supporters!

The announcement of onboarding four intern-engineers might seem like a small step, however—the dHealth community will finally be able to become a truly integral part of the project itself—through governance.

DHP wallet users will be able to vote for specific options which the engineers should develop while they explore the dHealth technology!

The dHealth ecosystem participants will likewise be able to suggest development proposals that will be if selected, undertaken by the intern engineers!

More information regarding this rudimentary governance initialization will be published in the near future!

To conclude, January will be a big month of growth for us as we have very big announcements in store for our community members.

That’s why we suggest all readers take part in the activities and blockchain utilities that will soon become reality.

Thank you for supporting us, let’s build a better healthcare system—together!

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