How to start earning Digital Health Points ($DHP)
Wallet & Plugin Download

In this tutorial, you will learn how to start earning DHP—by following the step-by-step instructions below. Take note, in a majority of steps—the pertinent UI components shown in images are emphasized with a green square.

dHealth Wallet Setup



Download and install the newest dHealth wallet by following this link.

Note: If you already installed the dHealth wallet, download the new version and upgrade it by simply running the downloaded .exe or .dmg file

  1. Open the wallet and Create an account
  2. Write down your mnemonic phrase
  3. Enable the wallet plugin—follow the video tutorial below to learn how to do that.

Installing Strava app

Once you follow through with the tutorial on how to enable the Health 2 Earn plugin in your dHealth wallet, it’s time to install the Strava app on your mobile device. Below you will find a step-by-step tutorial to help you complete the process.

1. Search for “Strava” in the Google Play Store or App store, select it and click Install.

2. Sign up via any desired option, and select ‘No Thanks’. If you wish to subscribe, you of course can. This will not affect your DHP reward program.


Connecting Strava with the dHealth wallet

Now that you have both set up your dHealth wallet and installed Strava on your mobile device, it’s time to Connect the dHealth wallet with your Strava app.

1. Open the dHealth wallet

2. Click Plugins


3. Click ‘Start @dhealthdapps/health-to-earn


4. Click ‘Authorize now’

5. Log in into your Strava via the automatically opened web browser window

6. Click Authorize

Recording your first activity

Record your first activity and start getting DHP. Perform the same order of actions to record any new activity.

1. Open Strava app, click ‘Record using this app’, and select the activity you are about to perform—in this example, ‘Walk’ is selected

2. Click ‘Start’ and then click ‘While using the app’

3. Perform your activity

4. Once finished with the activity—click the Stop Button and select ‘finish’


5. Click ‘Save’ and then ‘Continue

Optional: title your activity, and describe it

Additional Information


  1. The reward program will last for one month from the moment of publishing this tutorial. It is quite likely it will be extended.
  2. Only one activity is redeemable for $DHP tokens—per day.
  3. A single individual can only be rewarded once a day. Make it count!


Planned updates:

The reward program will be upgraded to Beta and made more sophisticated—with new mechanisms. The Beta demo will have a completely new Health2Earn concept implemented—it will however still base its reward system on the activity via Strava.